Since 1964, Original’s jewellery cleaner and polish have been at the forefront for the maintenance and renewal of quality jewellery in Australia. Clean your gold, silver, Pandoras, pearls, opals and other precious gems jewellery with this wonderful product.


The Original Jewellery Cleaner range was created by acclaimed Australian Jewellery Designer, John Withers and his father Bob.  The development has continued through John and his son Jason, a gemologist and diamond grader.


During production, Original products are subject to rigorous quality control and are manufactured according to regulated pharmaceutical requirements ( Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration ). The Original products are safe to use on hands , environmentally friendly, non hazardous and biodegradable . The jewellery cleaner is reusable with a shelf life of 20 years. Order now and discover how good Original Jewellery Cleaner really is. Click below to order individual bottles or the kit.

ORIGINAL JEWELLERY CARE.... Polishing & Cleaning Directions

1. Put a dab of Gold/Silver Polish onto item with brush, rub it well onto surface with tissue, then polish off with tissue or cloth. With larger items such as a bracelet/chain do the procedure on a plate, & as some Polish gets in the grooves, after polishing the excess off, rinse in water before using the "Blue" Jewellery Cleaner.

2. Place item in the Jewellery Cleaner and leave to soak for up to 5 minutes as per instruction on bottle. Diamonds are attracted to grease, and then dirt sticks to the grease, so gentle brushing under gem settings aids the removal of grease and dirt.

3.Take item out of Jewellery Cleaner and just whisk with brush, rinse in water and dry. When cleaning pearls or opals with the Jewellery Cleaner, put some product on the brush and work into a later,  DO NOT SOAK, just rinse in water and hang them up to dry. 

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